A complete guide to becoming a nurse in Sri Lanka: Salary, Perks & Migration opportunities

Nursing is a distinguished job only a very few would like to pursue, given the fact that it needs a higher level of patience, confidence, and experience to handle patients. It is also one of the most humane careers as it nourishes empathy and compassion.
However, individuals are hesitant to choose nursing as a prospective career path as they are less percipient of the possible advantages the industry could offer them. Above all, individuals are unaware of the procedure to become a nurse in Sri Lanka.

Who can become a nurse in Sri Lanka?

If you have three passes in the Advanced Level examination in the Biological Science stream, you can apply for free nursing training at one of the government nursing schools which are registered under and managed by the Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka. Once the training programme is over, you receive your certificate that vouches for your eligibility to work as a nurse at a government hospital, which is a government position with a pension.

Aside from government nursing schools, there are registered private nursing schools that provide you with the required qualifications, training, and experience that will guarantee you a future in the nursing industry plus an opportunity to migrate abroad to work as a registered nurse. Many private institutes are affiliated with leading hospitals in Sri Lanka and across the globe. Therefore, they tend to offer a wider range of industrial experience and proficiency.


What are the educational qualifications to apply for a nursing course?

Though the qualification can vary from one institute to another, generally, you should have passed all subjects (except the common general test) of one of the following streams; Biology / Mathematics / Agriculture which belongs to the science stream, in a single sitting at the G.C.E Advanced Level examination. Additionally, you should have passed six subjects in G.C.E Ordinary Level examination in nothing more than 02 attempts including credit passes for Sinhala / Tamil Language, Mathematics, Science and English.


How much does a nurse earn?

A nurse in Sri Lanka earns roughly 73,500 LKR per month on average. Salaries range from 36,000 LKR to 115,000 LKR (lowest to highest). This is the monthly average pay which includes housing, transportation, and other amenities. Salary for nurses vary greatly depending on experience, abilities, gender, and region. Moreover, nurses earn an average monthly salary of 53,300 LKR when they have a Bachelor’s Degree while someone with a Master’s Degree earns 85,600 LKR each month.


Perks of becoming a nurse in Sri Lanka

Though considered to be a pink collar job by many, nursing is a non-binary career that is highly respected as much as it is challenging. Becoming a nurse not only builds up your stamina and confidence as an individual, but trains you to be an emphatic human being with character.
Here are some benefits of becoming a nurse in Sri Lanka.

1. Character building
Nursing is a tremendously rewarding job as nurses are bound to save people’s lives. This is a significant benefit of becoming a nurse since you may observe the good influence of your abilities and knowledge regularly. Nursing trains you to become a confident person who can act proactively. A good nurse is always a quick decision maker and a multi-tasker.

2. Job security
A career in nursing has a high demand wherever they are in the world. Nurses will always be needed, so you can be confident that you will be able to find work after graduating with a nursing degree.

3. Respectability
Nurses are generally well-liked in the community for their empathy and caregiving nature. Since they are entrusted with other people’s lives, the general public views them to be moral, ethical, kind, and caring. To maintain healthy relationships with colleagues and patients, nurses must apply these characteristics to their work. Nursing is also regarded as a steady vocation in many regions of the world, making it a respected profession.

4. Flexibility
Nursing is also a flexible profession as it is frequently organised into shifts rather than particular hours each week. This entails working on different days of the week. Shift employment has the advantage of allowing you to focus all of your efforts on a few days while taking the rest of the week off.


How can Amrak help you to become a nurse?

Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences is an educational institute affiliated with Durdans Hospital, committed to empowering students in the healthcare industry. With the vision of providing for allied health sciences shaping the future, Amrak strives to be innovative and tackles challenges in healthcare through educational and practical experience. Amrak seeks to elevate education in Sri Lanka by working with distinguished faculty and advisers, consultants, and dedicated teachers.

Amrak has a carefully curated series of in-depth courses including undergraduate programmes, diploma courses, certificate courses, and more. All the course programmes are formulated on a tested and proven curriculum developed by the experienced academic staff at Amrak with affiliations to highly ranked higher education institutes.

Here are the programmes offered by Amrak:
– Undergraduate Programmes
– Diploma Courses
– Certificate Courses
– OET and IELTS Exams

Moreover, Amrak offers you the new Clinical Fellowship Programme

that allows nursing staff to gain experience in a range of clinical specialities working with leading Trusts including the NHS Partner Organisations. This programme is offered to both UK and International applicants seeking expert clinical experience for an advanced career progression.

The programme also offers lodging, accommodation, and travel facilities along with a salary of ₤22,000-₤25,000.
Aside from the Clinical Fellowship Programme, studying nursing with Amrak provides you with many opportunities to travel abroad and work in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan as well.

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