A Nursing Course at Amrak Sri Lanka unlocks endless career possibilities. Here’s why

The Nursing Industry and Amrak

The strength, effort, and time dedicated by nurses to improving public health in Sri Lanka should not be taken for granted. The vital role played towards curbing the COVID 19 pandemic outbreak in the country is further testament to the value of Nursing professionals.

The global healthcare industry is expected to keep growing. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the registrations for the nursing career will grow by 9 % by 2030. Moreover, critical care nursing is estimated to have a 2% growth per year. A career in nursing has now become more attractive than ever before.

Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences is an educational institute, affiliated with Durdans Hospital, committed to empowering students in the healthcare industry. With the vision of providing for allied health sciences shaping the future, Amrak strives to be innovative and tackles challenges in healthcare through educational and practical experience. Amrak seeks to elevate education in Sri Lanka by working with distinguished faculty and advisers, consultants, and dedicated teachers.

The institute is accredited by the Private Health Services Regulatory Council (PHSRC) ensuring that the same codes of practice as other Private Medical Institutions are followed and the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) for high-quality training courses. Affiliated with Durdans Hospital and Astron Institute of International Studies, students are given an opportunity to gain real-world experience with a range of exclusive courses through the AIIS network.


Courses offered by Amrak

Amrak has a carefully curated series of in-depth courses including undergraduate programmes, diploma courses, certificate courses, and more. All the course programmes are formulated on a tested and proven curriculum developed by the experienced academic staff at Amrak with affiliations to highly ranked higher education institutes.


Undergraduate Programmes

The undergraduate programmes offer Bachelor in Science (BSc.) in Nursing. This is a comprehensive course that seeks to prepare individuals for a global career in nursing. With the practicals carried out at Durdans Hospitals, a leading hospital in Sri Lanka, the individuals have the option to sit for the NVQ6 exam offered by the government, plus develop essential nursing skills like critical thinking, and decision making, problem-solving, and confidence. This course is available to anyone who has obtained a minimum of 3 passes in the GCE Advanced Level Examination.
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Diploma Courses

The diploma courses aim to prepare individuals for a successful career in healthcare. These programmes are also designed to build your problem-solving skills and critical decision-making which will help you gain confidence to work in a high-pressure real-world environment. You can explore the real-world experience with the practical sessions conducted at Durdans Hospital.

Amrak offers the following diploma courses:

Higher Diploma in Nursing
Medical Laboratory Technician
Operation Theatre Technician
Cardiac Care Technician
Diabetes Educator
Higher Diploma in Bio Medical Science


Certificate courses

This programme provides a foundation for students seeking progression in the field of healthcare to a Diploma and beyond. You will receive unparalleled, first-hand experience via the practicals at Durdans Hospital and gain the expertise to deal with real-life situations.

Amrak offers the following Certificate Courses:

Foundation Certificate in Nursing
Diabetes Educator
Phlebotomy Technician
Infection Control Nurse
Trauma Nurse
Foundation Certificate in General Sciences
Certificate in Child Caregiver
Certificate in Elderly Caregiver


OET and IELTS Exams

Amrak Institute also offers a migration pathway for students wishing to pursue a career in nursing through OET or IELTS exams. The OET preparation course is conducted by a Cambridge qualified examiner.
The healthcare professionals who want to pursue a career in foreign countries such as UK, Australia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore, Namibia etc. need to take the OET exam as compulsory.


Why choose Amrak?

Amrak is Sri Lanka’s first fully-fledged private nursing school that is dedicated to produce experienced nurses and caregivers. Amrak aspires to provide the best possible experience to young individuals who are hoping to enter both the local and the international healthcare sector.
Students will receive unparalleled, firsthand experience in the Amrak Classroom and at Durdans Hospital with access to leading faculty and specialists in the field of Nursing. They will be equipped with the right set of tools and knowledge to successfully practice as a registered nursing professional in Sri Lanka, the UK or any other country.

Here’s why you should follow courses at Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences:

Real World Experience

Amrak Institute offers practical sessions at the Durdans Hospital where the students will be exposed to the real-world situations where they should act with quick tactics and understanding. It not only develop their ability to multitask, decision making, and act proactively but also significantly enhances their confidence levels.

Highly Accredited Courses and Experienced Panel of Lecturers

All Health Sciences & Nursing courses conducted by the Institute are centred on a tested and proven curriculum accredited by our degree partners. The expert panel of supervisors ensures to walk the students through the process and training and develop the student expertise.

Professional recognition

Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences is accredited by the Private Health Services Regulatory Council. Amrak is associated with Durdans Hospital, Narvina Medicare, Certis Lanka, Delmond Hospital as well as Techno Medics that provide students pursuing allied health careers with the best experience possible.

Interactive Learning Experience

Amrak offers an enhanced learning experience through Virtual Reality, workshops, group projects, events through skilled doctors of Durdans Hospital. The institute makes sure that the students who are enrolling receive a world-class hands-on experience through the hospital, internships abroad, as well as work placements through various healthcare systems across the world (NHS UK being one).

These comprehensive courses encourage and provide students with the opportunity to experience, learn, and grow in the Nursing and Allied Health industry.

Career Connect

Above all, joining Amrak will open your doors to various career possibilities within the healthcare sector. The courses at Amrak Institute provide you with the necessary skills and experience to work abroad. The Amrak network extends locally and internationally with tied-up recruitment and placement agencies dependent on eligibility.

Studying Nursing with Amrak provides you with many opportunities to travel abroad to work with the NHS in the UK, the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

So why hesitate? Join us now to broaden your horizons! Visit our website at www.amrak.lk or contact us on 0777 974 479 to connect with us today!