Best Courses To Follow After O/L’s: Amrak Foundation in General Sciences

Starting with A/L is what 70% of the majority of your friends might go for right after their O/L results have been released. Stepping into A/L’s, getting through them, and starting a degree in one of the government universities on the island is an excellent opportunity that most students and parents wish for.

There are many successful professionals with great success stories. But the only problem is, it consumes most of the time in your twenties to reach this mile.

What if we told you that you could start building your career path right after your O/Ls, making sure you reach your dream career in the field of Science without having to waste all of your twenties doing your higher studies? Yes, you read it right! At Amrak institute, we have the right programme, ‘Foundation in General Sciences’ for an O/L qualified student to begin his/her higher studies right away without having to spend two more years in your A/Ls.



This foundation course lays the starting point of the bridge to your dream career. By accessing this course, you will learn about the fundamentals of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and statistics, and gain much more basic knowledge on the vast topic, ‘’General Sciences”. Also, following this foundation course at Amrak will give you the freedom to choose between a nursing career and a biomedical career.

At Amrak, we promise to give our practising students the necessary hands-on training from well-experienced lecturers, all conducted at one of the leading hospitals in Sri Lanka, Durdans.

Admission for enrollment will be open in January and September every year.
The duration of this course is 12 months.
The entry criteria to get enrolled in this Foundation in General Sciences is: O/L Qualification (The applicant must be able to demonstrate an interest in and aptitude for science.) Or the applicant must have at least A-C grades in Math, Science, and English.

The programme structure is as follows:
– Fundamentals of Biology
– Fundamentals of Chemistry
– Fundamentals of Mathematics and Statistics
– General English
– Study Skills and fundamental ICT for Undergraduates
– Advanced Biology
– Advanced Chemistry
– Advanced Mathematics and Statistics
– Academic English
– Academic writing and use of web resources

Career Opportunities available if you choose a nursing career upon completion of the course:
– Adult nurse
– Children’s nurse
– Health play specialist
– Health visitor
– High-intensity therapist
– Learning disability nurse
– Mental health nurse
– Midwife
– Paramedic
– Physician associate

Career Opportunities available if you choose a biomedical career upon completion of the course:
– Biomedical scientist
– Biotechnologist
– Clinical research associate
– Clinical scientist, biochemistry
– Clinical scientist, haematology
– Clinical scientist, immunology
– Forensic scientist
– Microbiologist
– Physician associate
– Research scientist (life sciences)
– Research scientist (medical)
– Scientific laboratory technician
– Toxicologist

The students who complete this foundation course will receive accreditation from Amrak Institute that’s affiliated with Durdans Hospital. In addition to that, Sheffield Hallam University of England also rewards the successful students of the Foundation in General Sciences.
The outstanding programmes offered by SHU in the fields of nursing, biomedical science and engineering, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are well-known.