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Career paths to choose with a qualification in General Science

Are you an individual who has studied science and has a qualification in General Science? Then, read on because you have come to the right place.

There are only a handful of students graduating in scientific subjects in Sri Lanka due to the scarcity of students joining the science stream and the highly competitive learning process. And even then, not everyone is eligible to pursue a career in medicine, so the question is ‘what can you do in Sri Lanka with a qualification in General Science?’

One of the biggest reasons individuals with prospective qualifications in science face challenges when it comes to a career path is that they are not aware of the possible opportunities linked to their qualifications. A general science degree unlocks a variety of career interests, chiefly for students interested in careers related to the health sector such as nursing, caregiving, therapy, psychology, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology. General science prepares students for science, technology, or natural history careers combined with practical knowledge. That’s not all. Individuals majoring in General Science can also become excellent teachers in science.

Career Paths and Industry Placement

An individual with a qualification in General Science in Sri Lanka have the following career options opened up for them
– Registered nurse
– Medical laboratory technician
– Cardiac care technician
– Phlebotomy technician
– Infection controller
– Diabetes educator
– Child caretaker
– Elder caretaker

How can Amrak Institute help you?

Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences is an educational institute, affiliated with Durdans Hospital, committed to empowering students in the healthcare industry. With the vision of providing for allied health sciences shaping the future, Amrak strives to be innovative and tackles challenges in healthcare through educational and practical experience. Amrak seeks to elevate education in Sri Lanka by working with distinguished faculty and advisers, consultants, and dedicated teachers.

The institute is accredited by the Private Health Services Regulatory Council (PHSRC) ensuring that the same codes of practice as other Private Medical Institutions are followed and by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) for high-quality training courses. Affiliated with Durdans Hospital and Astron Institute of International Studies, students are given an opportunity to gain real-world experience with a range of exclusive courses through the AIIS network.

At Amrak, we have a finely curated collection of courses that directly helps you to pave your career path both locally and internationally. All the course programs are formulated on a tested and proven curriculum developed by the experienced academic staff at Amrak with affiliations to highly ranked higher education institutes.

Here are the programs offered by Amrak:

· Undergraduate Programs
· Diploma Courses
· Certificate Courses
· OET and IELTS Exams

With VR technology and practical sessions conducted at the Durdans Hospital, these courses prepare students both with and without the traditional entry qualification of 2 passes at A/Levels in science subjects (or equivalent qualifications) for entry to specified HND/degree courses in science and mathematics streams.

Any individual who has passed the A/L examination in the Science and Mathematics stream with equal O/L Qualification (Applicant should have a minimum of A-C grades for Maths, Science, and English or equivalent and be able to demonstrate an interest in, and aptitude for, science) are eligible to apply to the courses and design their own future career goals.

The Amrak network extends across the globe providing the students with the opportunity to pursue careers in countries like the UK, the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Our Faculty and Our Syllabus

Amrak Institute has one of the most qualified faculty members who are dedicated to bestowing their vast knowledge to our students.

Ms. Ishini Kawshalya

She completed her BSc Degree in Biomedical Science, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, and has been an intern Biomedical Scientist (Internship) at Genetech Molecular Diagnostic and School of Gene Technology, a trainee MLT at Rajatha Medical Laboratory and a Practical Demonstrator and Laboratory Assistant at Gateway College, Dehiwala.

Ms. Devi Viraganathan

Bachelor of Education, English Language Teaching (BEd/ELT)

Rajah Satheesha

Honors in Bachelors of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering, Birmingham City University (UK) and Master of Science in Applied Microbiology, the University of Kelaniya in reading (PG Dip completed)

Our syllabus is comprehensive and provides students with an in-depth understanding of general science.

SEM One (Level 1)
FSM_01: Fundamentals of Biology
FSM_02: Fundamentals of Chemistry
FSM_03: Fundamentals of Mathematics
FSM_04: General English
FSM_05: Study Skills and Fundamental ICT for Undergraduates

SEM Two (Level 02)
FSM_06: Advanced Biology
FSM_07: Advanced Chemistry
FSM_08: Advanced Mathematics and Statistics
FSM_09: Academic English
FSM_10: Academic Writing and use of web resources

If you are an individual with a qualification in General Science awaiting a job or looking to broaden your knowledge with additional qualifications, visit our website at or contact us on 0777 974 479 to connect with us today!