Careers & Leadership

Amrak Institute follows a practice-based approach to learning ensuring students are well-equipped to start their careers in healthcare and allied health sciences.

Healthcare Careers in Sri Lanka | Amrak Institute

The Amrak Careers provide undergraduates with an enhanced understanding of career options and industry-required technical and non-technical skills along with available employment opportunities.

Internships, Observation Programs and Industry Placements are provided to students through the Amrak partner network.

The Career Guidance Unit also hosts a bi-annual Careers Day that includes the attendance of Industry Leaders i.e. Asiri Hospitals, Hemas Hospitals, Durdans Healthcare Group, ABC Pharma, Technomedics, Lush Clinique, Sunshine Holdings.

The Careers unit also works on professional development, interviewing skills and resume writing for students that require such services. In addition, vacancy postings, spot – interview sessions and industry visits are also conducted by the Careers Unit.

Placement Partner Network