Why study NCUK International Foundation Year (IFY) in Science at Amrak Sri Lanka?

Are you looking for a pathway that guarantees admission to reputable English-speaking universities around well-doing countries like the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada? If you are a student who is interested in the science field and is finding it difficult to find the right pathway to pursue your education abroad, this blog is […]

Getting Vaccinated against COVID-19 in Sri Lanka

In late January, Sri Lanka received 500,000 doses of the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine from India. This created the platform for the rollout of the vaccines in Sri Lanka’s, primarily administered to healthcare staff. Thereafter, a total of 264,000 doses have arrived in March, provided by the World Health Organisation. This has been administered to the public […]

Colorectal Cancer is Curable in Sri Lanka

Medical breakthroughs and advancements are driving forces behind the improved quality of life for the contemporary man. Durdans Hospital plays a key role in this improvement in Sri Lanka. Upholding their slogan of “Dedicated to you”, Durdans Hospital carries out its operations with passion and grit. As such, they got in touch with Pulse.lk to […]

Amrak Partners with Villa College Maldives for Quality Nursing Training Programmes

Villa College Maldives is a tertiary education and training institute, established by the Chairman of Villa Group, Hon. Qasim Ibrahim, to provide high-quality education and training opportunities to the citizens of Maldives. Villa College is registered and established as the first Private College of the Maldives by the Department of Higher Education and leads as […]

A New Lease of Life with TAVI Artificial Heart Valve Procedure at Durdans Heart Centre.

The thought of undergoing open-heart surgery for heart valve replacement can be daunting, even for a very fit patient. There is no doubt, for the elderly patients or those who already had previous operations, or those with previous strokes, lung disease, kidney disease, general frailty, open-heart surgery comes with a lot of risks, during and […]

Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences enters into a fully funded partnership with the NHS

Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences enters into a fully funded partnership with the NHS; New opportunities for Nursing Students. Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences, a subsidiary of Durdans Hospital, has partnered with the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust to offer a 3-year work and learning opportunity through their award-winning Clinical Fellowship Programme (CFP). The Amrak delegation […]

A Nursing Course at Amrak Sri Lanka unlocks endless career possibilities. Here’s why

The Nursing Industry and Amrak The strength, effort, and time dedicated by nurses to improving public health in Sri Lanka should not be taken for granted. The vital role played towards curbing the COVID 19 pandemic outbreak in the country is further testament to the value of Nursing professionals. The global healthcare industry is expected […]

Gender Stereotypes in Nursing: Is Nursing a Pink Collar Job in Sri Lanka?

Nurses throughout healthcare history have been viewed as the Doctors’ Handmaidens and thought of as subservient or inferior counterparts to physicians, or a position usually reserved for women. The healthcare industry has and will always continue to progress. Along with this progression a need to combat the gender stereotypes and norms associated with nursing has […]

What are the qualifications to be a nurse in Sri Lanka?

1. How important is the nursing industry in Sri Lanka? In any country, healthcare is a public priority. While the industry keeps on growing with new technology and practices revolutionising healthcare, the demand for nurses only increases. It is no different in Sri Lanka. Here, nurses advocate for health advancement, educate the public on the […]