Choosing the right set of medical lab equipment in Sri Lanka: A Lowdown from Amrak

Why medical equipment are crucial to a laboratory?

Medical laboratories are meant to conduct chemical, biological, and microscopic tests that can help people identify various diagnoses. To keep up the consistent performance and ensure efficient service, medical labs need to be up-to-date with equipment that simplify the experimental processes. The evolving technology has introduced many sophisticated equipment that every laboratory should have.

The accuracy of diagnostic results is an integral part in the process. Therefore, it wholly depends on the type of equipment used to deal with the analysis. These devices have high working capacities and durability levels that allow clinical facilities to carry out diverse research functions within the specified time span and to deliver accurate evaluation reports.
Medical laboratories can be furnished using brand new equipment kits or refurbished equipment depending on the required specification, budget, and scale. Generally, brand new equipment kits are expensive, yet they guarantee long-lasting performance. Moreover, new devices lead the way for lab researchers to engage in the latest technological advancements.


What are the medical lab equipment you should have?

Though the types of medical equipment depend on the scale and the requirements of your laboratory, there are several pieces of equipment that are necessary to have. And without them, your lab will be incomplete.
Here are the most essential equipment that any medical lab should have;


The go-to tool in any lab. It becomes the lab researcher’s second eye of investigation. For example, cellular diseases, bacteria, and viruses can be easily identified through a microscope.


Chromatography refers to the technique where components of a mixture are separated and purified for later use. Usually, Chromatography can be preparative or analytic.

Haematology Analysers

Haematology is concerned with diseases related to blood and haematology analysers can test a patient’s blood so that their state of health can be understood. By analysing a patient’s blood, their state of health can be more understood. These testing devices are used to monitor diseases such as leukaemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma, as well as types of bleeding disorders like blood clotting.

Blood Bank Analysers

Blood bank analysers are both manual and automated and used for antibody identification, cross-matching, and tube testing. Based on the methods and technology such as column agglutination technique (CAT), solid-phase red cell adherence assay (SPRCA), and erythrocyte-magnetised technique (EMT) that are available, there are different types of blood bank analysers.

Chemistry Analysers

A clinical chemistry analyser is used for standard or integrated chemistry analysis. Common methods of chemical analysis include ion-selective measurement or photometry. The embedded systems combine immunoassay capabilities and photometric testing.

Urinalysis Analysers

Urinalysis analysers are mainly used to test urine in order to track illnesses and infections in urine, kidney, and the rest of the body.

Immunoassay Analysers

This type of medical lab equipment is used for the diagnosis of various infectious diseases. Testing of cancer markers and cardiac analysis are also done with this device.


This is the most essential lab equipment. Glassware in the medical lab are used for transferring, measuring, storing, and heating liquids and experimental ingredients.

Aside from these main equipment, a medical lab can include the following equipment kits as well;
– Assay kits
– Clinical diagnostic kits
– DNA analysers
– PCR testing kits
– Immunology equipment
– Laboratory centrifuge
– Autoclaves
– Hotplates
– Differential counters
– Histology and cytology equipment
– Gamma counters
– Microplate readers/washers
– Incubators
– Point of care analysers


What do you need to know before choosing the correct set of medical equipment?

Quality and the brand

The quality and the brand are important when it comes to medical equipment as unbranded equipment can cause malfunctions in the evaluation processes. So, having average knowledge about the models and brands in the market can help decide your choice of equipment. Most of the time, leading manufacturers offer premium and quality equipment for function-specific processes. Therefore, make sure to choose the right brand that meets your specific needs.
Many tend to use refurbished equipment as a way of saving money. Though it helps your budget, it does not help your needs. Reusing equipment comes with the risk of malfunctioning, and contamination providing inaccurate results. In this case, buying brand new lab equipment seems more advantageous and profitable. Hence, you must choose wisely.


Medical lab equipment are made with sophisticated technology, so you need to make sure that the tool kits you are going to buy are user-friendly. Checking the product technology, features, and performance before purchasing is essential. Mere capacity to operate is not enough, the equipment must be durable and prerogative so that the lab staff does not feel constrained when using the equipment. Therefore, it is ideal to perform several test tasks and verify the efficiency and productivity of the equipment kit.

Product Features and Specifications

Knowing the features and the capacity of the equipment can save you from future disasters. This is why testing the performance of the equipment before purchasing is important. You can compare features offered by different brands and choose the most convenient equipment kit that matches your wishes.
Having sophisticated features is not all. It must also be able to save time. Swift medical services can reinforce your productivity.

Check the warranty and technical support solutions

Durability is a crucial aspect when purchasing lab equipment. In fact, the efficiency and the accuracy depend on the durability of the equipment. Constant breakdowns or malfunctions can drastically affect your lab’s productive output. Therefore, you need to check with your service providers and clarify the durability and the support solutions in case of an emergency.


Some tend to believe that the more expensive the equipment, the more advanced it will be. But that is not always the case. Though the price may have a certain impact on the quality of the equipment, it is usually the performance of the equipment that adds value to it. However, you should be mindful of your budget as well. So, you can compare equipment and their prices and choose the best match.


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