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Clinical Fellowship Programme

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What is the Clinical Fellowship Programme?

The Clinical Fellowship Programme (CFP) is an award-winning training programme that offers opportunities for nursing staff to gain experience in a range of clinical specialities by working with leading Trusts including the NHS Partner Organisations. This programme is offered to both UK and International applicants seeking expert clinical experience for an advanced career progression.

What will the programme offer you?

3-Year Work Placement

Band 3 – 22,000 Pounds (Salary) for year 1 & Band 5 – 25,000 Pounds Salary for year 2 & 3

BSc. or MSc. Fully Funded

Lodging, Accommodation & Travel

Health Insurance

Reimbursement of Examination Fees: OET, CBT 1 & CBT 2

Key Components of the Programme

Who Can Apply?

Students aspiring to pursue a career in Nursing and are interested in obtaining work experience in the UK are encouraged to apply. Nurses are able to advance their career in a range of specialities including Medicine; Surgery; Trauma/ Orthopaedics; Critical Care or Theatres.

To succeed in this role, you are required to:

  • Hold a nursing degree or diploma
  • 2 years of recent clinical experience
  • Ability to work flexibly and be a team player
  • Have a passion for delivering high quality care
  • Steps to fulfil for Placement

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Can my family travel with me?
    Flight ticket – We will only cover your plane ticket, transport, and accommodations services for yourself and other expenses for non-candidates must be paid on your own. It is possible to book your own flight ticket with family and then get a reimbursement into your allocated trust of up to £700 for your ticket only.
    Accommodation – We provide 1 month’s single occupancy accommodation for yourself and this cannot be shared. However, for your quarantine period, we book a hotel, which does have the option of adding family members with the extra cost covered by yourself. If you wish to book your family in provide their details so we can get in contact with the hotel for payment.
    *For more information about accommodation, kindly refer to our brochure.

    Transport – Transport services are offered solely for the candidate to travel to our quarantine services and no additional passengers or drop off locations considered.

    Is there support provided in opening a UK bank account?
    Yes, we will support you to open an account with a UK Bank. We will ask you to provide supporting letters and your account will be opened the same day for your convenience.
    How do we collect our BRP Cards?
    Your permit will be dispatched to you by courier between 7-10 days of receiving your Home Office approval letter to the address in your application form. Visa holders entering the UK from overseas are required to collect their Biometric Residence Permit from a Post Office. BRP must be collected within 10 days of arriving in the UK or if you’re quarantining you are expected to collect it the first working day post quarantine.
    Shall I have my first Covid Vaccine in my home country, and will I be able to gain my second dose in the UK?
    Yes, we recommend getting your first dose as soon as possible to ensure you are protected. We will be able to provide a second dose of the vaccine post arrival when the appropriate amount of time between doses has passed.
    What healthcare am I entitled to within the UK?
    For more information on healthcare entitlement please see link below.
    What support is available in pregnancy?
    We provide support for you and your baby. To ensure you are aware of what to expect upon arrival to the UK please see the information below. It essential to advise us early so we are able to support you and arrange the appropriate services for you and the baby.

    *For more information about arriving whilst pregnant or post-childbirth, kindly refer to our brochure.

    What is included in Pastoral Week?
    Pastoral week will be your first time into your allocated trust where you will be required to complete paperwork, gain a £50 Cash advance and a salary advance until your salary is received, measured for your uniform, attend your occupational Health appointment and have a tour of the site.
    What is included in the Welcome Meeting with the CFP host?
    This is where you will meet a member of the fellowship team to look at the local area, transport, your schedule for the upcoming weeks, bank account opening and have time for questions.

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