Bachelors in Medical Science ( Laboratory Medicine)

Duration: 4 years: 2+ 2 ( 2 years at Amrak and 2 years at Flinders University)

Institution Approved by:

The goal of the course is to produce graduates who, as medical scientists, are well-versed in a broad field of research, have developed practical laboratory skills, and can communicate effectively with other scientific communities and professional organisations.

  • An overall score of 6.0 on IELTS 
  • Higher Diploma in Biomedical Science from the Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences

The course’s objectives are to:

  • Provide the theoretical and scientific foundation for basic concepts in physiology and pathology.
  • Provide students with the chance to apply their knowledge of pathology in a diagnostic laboratory environment.
  • Make sure students learn about the duties and obligations of laboratory medical scientists and have experience forming professional connections.
  • Students should be prepared for a variety of vocations in the medical sciences.
  • Get students ready for admission to a range of undergraduate programs that lead to particular health-related careers.