BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science (International)

Duration: 12 months (Full Time)

Awarding Body:

BSc. Biomedical Science Degree at Amrak Institute, Sri Lanka

Pursue a Rewarding Career in Biomedical Sciences in Sri Lanka at Amrak Institute

Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences offers a comprehensive BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences degree program, equipping you with a deep understanding of human health and disease. Degree Awarded by Birmingham City University (UK).

Develop a Strong Foundation:

  • Master human physiology, the intricate workings of the human body.
  • Explore the genetic and molecular basis of disease, understanding how diseases arise at the cellular level.
  • Analyze the impact of diseases on the entire organism, gaining a holistic perspective.
  • Dive into global challenges of disease and infection, exploring current strategies for prevention and treatment.


Amrak Institute’s Advantage:

  • Real Life Hospital Exposure: Partnership with Durdans Hospital creates this unique opportunity to be exposed at an internationally accredited hospital.
  • Guaranteed Graduate Internship: Internship to all Graduates at Durdans Hospital.
  • Self-Directed Learning: Our program fosters critical thinking and independent learning skills.
  • Expert Faculty: Benefit from the guidance of experienced professors with extensive knowledge in various biomedical science disciplines.
  • Diverse Learning Methods: Engage in a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, laboratory practicals, online components, virtual simulations, and potential placements.


Our partnership with Birmingham City University allows you to earn a degree recognized worldwide, opening doors to exciting global career opportunities.

Become a future leader in Biomedical Sciences. Study at Amrak Institute, located in Sri Lanka, and gain practical experience at Durdans Hospital. Contact us today!

  • Amrak Higher Diploma in Biomedical Sciences (2 years)
  • Any Biomedical Sciences Higher Diploma with minimum 2 years of Study- Full Time*
    • *Respective Qualifications need to be approved by Birmingham City University.

Semester 1

BMS6000- Control of Global Infectious Diseases

  • LO 1 Examine the socio-economic impact of a range of pathogenic microorganisms on the global human population.
  • LO 2 Discuss and appraise the infection and transmission mechanisms of pathogens.
  • LO 3 Evaluate a global response strategy for the prevention of spread of infectious pathogens.
  • LO 4 Assess the impact of antimicrobial resistance on global infection

BMS6006 – Pathophysiology

  • LO1 Apply relevant physiological knowledge to explain the symptoms of an altered state of health.
  • LO 2 Critically explore relevant evidence to explain in detail the changes seen in this altered state of health.
  • LO3 Evaluate an intervention to help stabilize or treat the altered state of health.
  • LO4 Assess long-term outcomes associated with the altered state of health

 BMS6007- Immunology

  • Critically evaluate the regulation of human immune function in health and disease
  • Demonstrate in-depth understanding of the principles and applications of immune-based therapies
  • Discuss the scientific evidence that evaluates the impact of vaccines on childhood diseases

Semester 2

BMS6004 -Research Project

  • Design, organize and execute project-specific tasks.
  • Critically investigate a research hypothesis and evaluate the outcomes.
  • Identify, evaluate and incorporate relevant material into a literature review

BMS6002 -Molecular Basis of Diseases

  • Explain the molecular mechanisms of disease processes and the consequences of disturbed homeostasis at the cellular level
  • Evaluate the current research on molecular understanding of diseases
  • Critically explore how the development of new approaches for diagnosis and therapies can arise from knowledge of the molecular basis of disease

Introductory Fee – September 2024 Intake

Registration 50,000 + Course Fee 750,000**

**(Monthly Installments or Semester Payment options are available)

Above course Fee is applicable only for the September 2024 intake.

For more information call: Dishan - +94 70 174 4444