Diploma in English for Healthcare Professionals – Intermediate Level

Duration: 120 Hours – 10hrs a week 3 Months

Awarding Body:

Take your healthcare communication skills up a notch with our Intermediate Level Diploma in English for Healthcare Professionals. Tailored for professionals eager to enhance language proficiency, this program equips you with tools for managing and understanding workplace communications. Boost your impact in the healthcare sector with advanced English courses in Sri Lanka, fostering seamless collaboration and patient care.

Healthcare Professionals
CEFR Level B1
Students will be provided with a Placement Test – PTE

Elevating Candidate language proficiency from Pre-Intermediate (CEFR level B1) to Upper-intermediate (CEFR level B2)


LKR 55,000

For more information call: Shafkhaana - +94 70 476 0258