Certificate in Nursing Assistant (NVQ 4)

Duration: 12 Months

Institution Approved by:

Foundation Certificate in Nursing (NVQ Level 04) | Amrak Institute & Durdans Hospital

This certificate will provide a foundation for students seeking progression in the field of  nursing to a Higher Diploma and beyond. The students will have the opportunity to sit for  Government NVQ4 Exam also as an option. You will receive unparalleled, first-hand experience via the  practicals at Durdans Hospital, a leading tertiary care hospital in Sri Lanka.

On completion, students will be awarded certification from Amrak Institute of  Medical Sciences.  Upon completion of the NVQ  Level 4 examination, the TVEC certificate can be obtained directly.

A pass in the GCE Ordinary Level  Examinations  including Sinhala/ Tamil,  Science,  Mathematics and English  Language.

  • N85S002BM01 – Communication Skills for Workplace
  • N85S002BM02 – Roles and Responsibilities of a Nurse Assistant
  • N85S002BM03 – Occupational Safety & Health
  • N85S002BM04 – Team Work
  • N85S002M01 – Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • N85S002M02 – Unit Preparation
  • N85S002M03 – Clientele Hygiene and Grooming
  • N85S002M04 – Nutritional Needs and Techniques
  • N85S002M05 – Eliminatory Needs
  • N85S002M06 – Vital Signs
  • N85S002M07 – Medication
  • N85S002M08 – Care of Elderly Client
  • N85S002M09 – End of Life Care
  • N85S002M10 – Care of Special Needs
  • N85S002M11 – Care of Wound
  • N85S002M12 – Assisting Advanced Nursing Procedures
  • N85S002M13 – Care of Postnatal Mother & Newborn Baby
  • N85S002M14 – Basics in First Aid
  • N85S002BM01 – Communication Skills for Workplace
  • N85S002BM04 – Team Work

LKR 300,000/-

For more information call: Thishan - +94 70 714 4444