Higher Diploma in Biomedical Science

Duration: 24 Months

Awarding Body:

Higher Diploma in Biomedical Science Diploma & Clinical Training | Amrak Institute

Higher Diploma in Biomedical Science is commenced with the facilities available at Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences along with Durdans Hospital. All professionals need to upgrade their knowledge, skills and attitudes to match the pace of the advancing Science and Technology. The Biomedical Science Diploma at Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences has a sound scientific foundation enabling students to develop their competencies and skills to deliver standard and appropriate services where required. All practical aspects combined with first hand clinical experience across all modules given adequate opportunity at the hospital premises, would enable the learners to experience the best learning opportunities.

On completion, students will be awarded certification from Amrak Institute of  Medical Sciences.


  • A/L Biology stream
  • O/L + AMRAK Foundation in General Science

BMS-01 – Fundamentals of Cytology and Genetics
NTS-11 – Microbiology
NTS-18 – Anatomy and Physiology
BMS-02 – Bioorganic Chemistry
BMS-03 – Medical Microbiology
NTS-09-21 – Pharmacology
BMS-04 – Clinical Biochemistry
NTS-05 – Histopathology
NTS-16 – Pathology
BMS-06 – Molecular Biology
BMS-07 – Statistical Analysis Techniques
BMS-08 – Hematology and Blood Transfusion Science
BMS-09 – Clinical Immunology
BMS-10 – Biomedical Techniques and Applications

Course Fee: Rs. 630,000
Registration Fee: Rs. 25,000



Special rates available for upfront and bi-annual payments

Registration fees are non refundable.

Monthly and bi-annually payments should be made at the first week of the relevant period.

5% late fee to be paid for each payment made after the deadline.

For more information call: Dishan - +94 70 174 4444