Higher Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science (HDMLS)

Duration: 24 Months

Awarding Body:

Amrak’s Higher Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science, available to students who have passed GCE Advanced Levels in the Science Stream including Biology and Chemistry, provides the foundational educational experience and knowledge to develop and refine critical thinking, technical, and interpersonal skills, propelling them towards a rewarding career in medical laboratory science.

  • Access to state-of-the-art medical laboratory facilities
  • Gain real-world experience in a leading private hospital
  • Learn from experienced medical laboratory technologists and other healthcare professionals


  • Passes GCE Ordinary level with 6 Credit passes
  • 03 Passes GCE AL in Science stream with Chemistry credit

Semester 1

MLSBB-1114 – Basic Biochemistry

MLSMG-1124 – General Microbiology

MLSHeB-1133 – Basic Hematology

MLSHiB-1142 – Basic Histopathology 

MLSLMI-1151 – Introduction to Laboratory Science

MLSLHiA-1141 – Systemic Anatomy & Physiology 

MLSE-1100 – English for Professionals 


Semester 2

MLSBC-1213 – Clinical Biochemistry

MLSMS-1225 – Systematic Microbiology 

MLSHeCP-1233 – Clinical Hematology

MLCHeCS-1231 – Coagulation Studies

MLSLMP-1251 – Phlebotomy 

MLSLMA-1251 – Laboratory Automation 

MLSIT-1200 – IT for Laboratory Science

MLSHS-1200 – Health System in Sri Lanka


Semester 3

MLCBP-2113 – Biochemistry Laboratory Practice I

MLCMP-2123 – Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Practice I

MLCHeP-2133 – Clinical  Haematology Laboratory Practice I

MLCHiP-2143 – Clinical Histopathology Laboratory Practice I

MLCMV-2151 – Virology

MLCMI-2121 – Immunology

MLLMQM-2151 – Laboratory Quality Management 


Semester 4

MLSBCP-2214 – Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory Practice II

MLSMCP-2225 – Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Practice II

MLSCHeBB-2261 – Blood Bank Serology

MLSHeCP-2233 – Clinical Hematology Laboratory Practice II

MLSMP-2222 – Medical Parasitology

MLSMB-2251 – Molecular Biology

Course Fee: Rs. 630,000
Registration Fee: Rs. 25,000



Special rates available for upfront and bi-annual payments

Registration fees are non refundable.

Monthly and bi-annually payments should be made at the first week of the relevant period.

5% late fee to be paid for each payment made after the deadline.


For more information call: Dishan - +94 70 174 4444