Foundation Certificate in General Sciences

Duration: 12 Months

Awarding Body:

Foundation in Science Course

The Foundation in Science Course offered by Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences is designed for students who want to go down the stream of science and create a pathway for their degree program in a shorter period. This unique course provides a strong foundation in science core scientific principles, preparing you for success in specified HND and degree courses.

Why Choose Amrak’s Foundation in Science?

  • Specialized Curriculum: Gain a comprehensive understanding of essential scientific concepts through a curriculum designed in collaboration with Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences and Durdans Hospital.
  • No A-Levels Required: This course opens doors to a science career path even if you haven’t completed A-Levels in science subjects.
  • Multiple Transfer Options: Upon successful completion, you’ll be eligible for entry into various HND and degree programs in science and mathematics fields.
  • Industry-Relevant Skills: Develop a strong foundation in scientific knowledge and practical skills, preparing you for a rewarding career in the science and healthcare sectors.Take the first step towards your dream career in science. Enroll in the Foundation in Science at Amrak Institute today!
    Who is this Course For?

    This Science Foundation Course is specifically designed for students who have completed their GCE O/L examinations or are awaiting their results. It provides a strong foundation in core scientific principles, preparing you for a seamless transition to degree programs in science. Upon successful completion of the Foundation in Science Course (FCGS), you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your chosen Degree program.


O/L Qualification (Applicant should have a pass for Math’s, Science and English or equivalent and be able to demonstrate an interest in, and aptitude for, science)

  • FSM-01 Fundamentals of Biology
  • FSM-02 Fundamentals of Chemistry
  • FSM-03 Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • FSM-04 General English
  • FSM-05 Study Skills and Fundamental ICT for Undergraduates
  • FSM_06 Advanced Biology
  • FSM_07 Advanced Chemistry
  • FSM_08 Advanced Mathematics and Statistics
  • FSM_09 Academic English
  • FSM_10 Academic Writing and use of web resources

LKR 300,000 + LKR 25,000 (Registration)

For more information call: Dishan - +94 70 174 4444