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Growing in Unison: Nursing in the NHS and Our Contribution

The current state of the NHS

The NHS is currently facing numerous challenges ranging from staffing issues to procedural backlogs causing prolonged waiting periods for elective procedures. The following gives an analysis of the issues from the perspective of the organisation with the aim of bringing to light the need for partnership with the NHS for the betterment of the British Healthcare System.

1 in 10 nursing positions remain unfilled in the UK, the available staff is under immense pressure which reduces job satisfaction and high turnovers. Durdans Hospital and Amrak Institute propose a partnership that is based on human capital to overcome the issue. It is deeply disappointing to see the steady decline in patient satisfaction rates since 2015. In addition to providing medical care, a holistic approach to care is taken where patients’ overall well-being is catered to rather than just their immediate medical needs.

The NHS spends up to £6.2 billion on recruitment via liaison companies. This futile attempt at filling positions for healthcare workers within the NHS has resulted in a large portion of the NHS’ budget being spent on the recruitment of qualified professionals with a little-to-no guarantee that they will be absorbed into the system as long term permanent employees. While such liaisons do provide the trust with transparency over who its employees are, the cost of the process is far too high. The funds allocated for such practices can be reallocated to areas such as primary care given the NHS needs to double the budget allocation for primary care from 9% to 18% in order to meet the growing demand.

How can Amrak help the NHS?

Amrak Institute, one of the leading educational institutions in the country, will train nurses in a variety of specialities to which they will have first-hand experience due to the practical training offered at Durdans Hospital. The programme is specially designed to produce well-rounded nurses who are able to handle any situation. The partnership with the Royal Wolverhampton NHS will then have trained, qualified registered nurses onboarded to the UK, upon completion of the OSCE and CBT examinations. The increase in labour will also reduce the pressure on the current staff members who are currently overwhelmed. It will also lead to increased job satisfaction due to the more manageable workload. This will be a key step in tackling the current staffing crisis and with time eradicate the staff shortage completely.


Why is the CFP perfect for ambitious nurses?

● Opportunity to live and work in the UK
● Earn while furthering education
● Receive experience in multiple specialties
● Be part of the solution for the NHS staff crisis
● Receive registration as a nurse in the UK
● A chance to have a career in the UK


Why should you choose Amrak Institute?

●The only institute in the country with a CFP programme
●A qualified panel of lecturers
●Affiliation with Durdans Hospital allows students to receive practical experience in a hospital setting
●Virtual reality learning technology
●A vibrant environment that fosters personal growth

The NHS is in need of nurses. This makes nursing one of the most in-demand jobs in the UK. Becoming a nurse will serve as your pathway to success in the UK. Seize the opportunities offered by Amrak Institute and join us today!

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– Written by Kimaya Abeyesundere –