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How important it is to improve mental health of nurses migrating to UK

Mental health plays a crucial role in the development of personal and career growth. And that is no different from the healthcare industry which is always concerned about the patients’ mental health.

One must not forget that nurses and healthcare workers are human and they too can have their momentary meltdowns. However, the resilience they build up during the process of their career helps them to navigate through their nerves.

In the recent past, many have shed light on the fact of mental health of migrating nurses. The healthcare workers and nurses who are migrating usually face challenging situations, therefore, it is important to ensure the mental health of nurses, especially those who are migrating.

What are the challenges faced by nurses abroad?

The unprecedented health emergencies are affecting the healthcare sectors around the world. And the migrating nurses are having difficulties coping with the situation. As a result, there is a higher risk of elevating stress, depression, trauma, and injury in the nurses working abroad. Stranded in different worlds, away from their homes, nurses feel the urge to stay composed and dedicated to their profession despite everything, but this could also be the point where they are overstepping their own boundaries of mental health.

Usually, any nurse aboard would be facing the following challenges until they find themselves settled;

– Inability to adapt to the new environment
– Racial and gender discrimination
– Homesickness
– Lack of moral support
– Increasing demand for a professional service

Yet, it is worth noting that the nursing profession is far more rewarding than the few challenges it comes with. Many western countries like the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia have special support systems for healthcare workers which help them to cope with their difficulties.

Why is it important to ensure the mental health of the nurses migrating?

It is important to maintain the mental health of the migrating nurses because their profession requires empathy and caring for others. It could affect the care they provide if they are not in a positive mindset.

Often, nurses tend to care less about their mental health as they are preoccupied with treating patients and ensuring that they are healthy.

So, here’s how the nurses’ mental health can be improved.

1. Adjusting to a proper sleep schedule

Sleep and rest are essential to anybody. That goes out same for healthcare workers as well. It is usually common for healthcare workers to be sleep deprived given their long working hours. However, when working the shift, nurses can come up with a sleep schedule that could help them take some proper rest.

2. Connecting with loved ones frequently

Family life is important to nurses and healthcare workers. When feeling stressed out, they can disengage from their work and spend more time with their family and friends, go on vacations, and organize parties. They should be given the chance to enjoy their lives as normal people which in return could help them improve their sanity and provide better care and nurture to their patients.

3. Eating healthy food and exercising

Maintaining mental health also means that you have good body strength. Staying refreshed by eating good nutrients and exercising regularly can help you gain the potential to stay collected. Although it can be hard sometimes to find time to stop and eat, grabbing a healthy snack in between working can help you to stay fit. It could energize you when you are feeling down. Moreover, taking a break to exercise (jogging, doing yoga, etc.) may boost your energy and provides you with better sleep.

4. Practicing mindfulness

When we are exhausted and under stress, it’s simple to overlook the blessings in our lives, but cultivating mindfulness and appreciation can have a great impact on our mental health, especially for those who work in the healthcare industry. It is easier for us to retain a cheerful attitude the more joy we may discover in our life wherever feasible. Writing down things you wish to improve on or are grateful for at the end of the day or the beginning of it is a terrific method to practice mindfulness.

Above all, these practices can help you overlook the challenges within the healthcare sector. Aside from these practices which boost your personal growth, migrating nurses can expect workshops, seminars, and support groups that can guide them through the emotional whiplash they are facing as foreign nurses. Once adjusted to the routine, nurses can find the peace of mind they always craved for.

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