How long does it take to become a nurse in Sri Lanka?

Becoming a nurse in Sri Lanka is a linear process where you need to complete the basic qualifications and requirements to enter a suitable nursing program of choice and become a registered nurse.

Becoming a nurse is not entirely difficult. Yet to become a nurse, you must pursue a course in nursing for a considerable amount of time. Only after you complete the course program and earned the necessary experience and qualifications you can become a nurse both locally and internationally. So, how long does it take to become a nurse in Sri Lanka?

The period to become a nurse depends on the course program that you choose. Nursing course programs generally vary according to the field of study. Usually, they can range from six months to four years depending on the course program.

In Sri Lanka, nursing courses are provided by both government and private institutes. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree offered by the government universities ranges from four to five years where you have to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge to become a nurse. Once the training program is over, you receive your certificate that vouches for your eligibility to work as a nurse at a government hospital, which all the years summed up, is a journey of nearly six years.

Courses offered by private institutes follow a similar timeframe. However, students have a wider range of courses with different timeframes to choose from that can guarantee them a professionally trained experience to become a nurse in no time.


Long courses vs short courses

Long courses are mostly degree programs where you have to study for four to five years to become a professionally trained nurse. These courses are very comprehensive and once they are done, students can find job opportunities as nurses in a short period. These courses aim to produce an individual who has the patience and capacity to perform clinical experiments as well as to increase confidence and decision-making skills that are essential to act proactively.

Short courses are generally diploma or certificate courses that give you relevant knowledge in specific fields of study. These courses range from six to twelve months depending on the course syllabus. Short courses include foundation and preliminary courses that can give you fundamental knowledge in nursing and the health care sector. The purpose of these courses is to offer guidance and pave the path to a nursing career. Pursuing a short course might not exactly guarantee you a career in nursing, but it will certainly add up to your list of qualifications to become a nurse in the country.


What to do after completing a nursing course?

When an individual completes a degree program they can simply apply for a nursing job both locally and internationally. And when the individual completes a diploma or a certificate course, they can venture on fulfilling the qualifications criteria to become a nurse.

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