Wound care Workshop

Committing to nursing excellence, the Amrak Institute of Medical Science initiated a series of island wide nursing wound care workshops. With all the training provided free of charge, our primary goal remains to help the nursing community advance themselves and help their community wherever they may go. Held in five different locations throughout the country, from Colombo to Kelaniya and Badulla and with an approval rating of more than 90%, we’re proud to state that we’ve reached more than 600 nurses island wide.

Workshops Held
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We are proud to announce that our organization has been granted a TEDx license to host TEDxAmrak Institute. This prestigious designation enables us to bring together a diverse community of speakers and attendees from all walks of life to share ideas and spark meaningful conversations. We take great pride in being part of the TEDx community and are committed to upholding the values and spirit of TED in everything we do. Our speakers are carefully curated to bring you a day full of inspiration, insight, and fresh perspectives.


We at Amrak believe that quality education is a fundamental right for all, irrespective of financial standing. Therefore, we’re proud to announce our collaboration with the Avinya Foundation to provide scholarships to youth from underprivileged backgrounds. Together with Avinya’s valuable collaboration and support, we’re happy to state that Amrak has fully funded five students for various desired courses within the Amrak Institute and Durdans Hospital. Furthermore, the Amrak Institute of Medical Science offers financial scholarships for high achieving students to further pursue their dreams.

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Amrak Institute: Impact-driven healthcare professional training academy

Amrak Institue was featured as a case study in the SDG Investor Platform as a healthcare professional training academy. This was due to its unique impact-driven business model. The model while structured to make profit, is also aiming at empowering young adults through high-quality education & opening opportunities for social mobility.

Amrak, directly and indirectly, has an impact on the SDGs reflecting how a unique business model can benefit the community while also being profitable.