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Is NHS still recruiting foreign nurses?

What is NHS?

The National Health Service or the NHS is one of the four National Health Service systems in the United Kingdom that is publicly funded. The NHS offers the majority of the healthcare services in the UK, including primary care, in-patient care, long-term healthcare, ophthalmology, and dentistry.

Why is NHS hiring foreign nurses?

Every year, there is an abundance of nurses joining forces with the NHS. These individuals come from both outside of the UK and the European Union and play an important role in the workforce development in the UK’s healthcare sector. The NHS People Plan and the NHS Long Term Plan are in line with recruiting international nurses and midwives.

The Apparent labour shortage in the country is one of the biggest reasons why the NHS has been inclined to stretch their borders and recruit international nurses. Moreover, international healthcare workers are desirous to pursue a career in the NHS given the peaceful work environment, lucrative salaries, and new knowledge,

For the NHS, engaging foreign workers is an essential component as it aid to recede the effects of the current surge in the pandemic and the rise of patients within the country. As NHS believes in collective growth, new recruitment programs for foreign nurses and midwives have been set forth.

These programs are known as;
● The Nursing International Recruitment Program
● International Recruitment Support Offer for NHS Trust

As per the reports published by the UK Parliament, around 15% of NHS are non-British . Amongst them, 5.8% of workers are of Asian nationalities. The reports identify Indians and Filipinos to be the highest common nationalities found among the foreign staff of the NHS.

What should you know about NHS recruitments?

Even though you could be a registered nurse with the required qualifications in your native country, you still need to fulfil the UK criteria in order to become a registered nurse in the UK. Individuals must first get themselves registered at the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK. The registration process includes two parts;
Part one – Consists of a Computer-based test known as the CBT. This test contains multiple-choice questions which can be accessible to any part of the world, thus giving the individuals the opportunity to take the test at their home without difficulty.

Part two – This stage is where the candidate must take the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) which is held in one of the three centres in the UK. To take this exam, the individuals must travel to the UK.

How can Amrak help you to become an NHS registered nurse?

Amrak is dedicated to providing the necessary qualifications for aspiring young individuals to become registered nurses locally and internationally. Our courses are varying according to specific fields and aim to help students to pursue a career in Sri Lanka as well as abroad.

Our Clinical Fellowship program is specially designed for individuals hoping to go abroad. The Clinical Fellowship Program (CFP) is an award-winning training program that offers opportunities for nursing staff to gain experience in a range of clinical specialities by working with leading Trusts including the NHS Partner Organizations. This program is offered to both UK and International applicants seeking expert clinical experience for an advanced career progression. Through this program, nurses are able to advance their careers in a range of specialities including Medicine; Surgery; Trauma/ Orthopaedics; Critical Care, or Theaters.

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