Start Your Career in Medical Laboratory Science

Healthcare is constantly changing, and a key player in this change is the field of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS). Amrak Institute of Medical Science has teamed up with Durdans Hospital to offer a Higher Diploma in MLS, equipping students with the skills needed in this essential healthcare sector.


Why Choose Medical Laboratory Science?


Medical Laboratory Scientists play a critical role in healthcare. They perform tests that lead to crucial medical decisions. With the Higher Diploma in MLS, you’ll join a workforce that’s vital for patient care and medical diagnosis.


Opportunities for MLS Graduates


Durdans Hospital runs more than 110 labs across Sri Lanka. With this expansive network, graduates will find various career paths in different settings. You could work in hospitals, private labs, or public health institutions.


About the MLS Curriculum


The Higher Diploma includes topics like biochemistry, hematology, and microbiology. Students will use the latest lab tech and learn from real-world scenarios, thanks to our partnership with Durdans Hospital.


Career Growth in MLS


With this diploma, you won’t just learn about lab science. You’ll also gain skills in leadership, problem-solving, and communication, preparing you for potential leadership roles in the future.


Become a Healthcare Professional


Enrolling in the Higher Diploma in MLS means more than getting a qualification. It’s a step into a profession that has a real impact on healthcare. You’ll be trained for a career that’s on the front lines of medical science.

The healthcare industry needs skilled lab scientists now more than ever. Take the first step towards a fulfilling career with the Higher Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science. Check out our website for more information and how to apply.