The Power of Specialization: BSc. (Hons) Professional Practice in Nursing

Nursing is a vocation that stands at the forefront of healthcare, embodying care, advocacy, and essential support for patients. The role of a nurse transcends traditional care, encompassing prevention, treatment, and holistic well-being. In a dynamic healthcare landscape, where demands are ever-increasing, a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills is paramount for nursing professionals. The BSc. (Hons) Professional Practice (Nursing) program, offered in collaboration with Birmingham City University (BCU), recognizes this need and has been meticulously crafted to bridge the gap between theory and practice. It shapes prospective healthcare experts who are ready to tackle challenges and seize opportunities in this noble field.


Empowering through Birmingham City University


Birmingham City University (BCU) is a beacon of transformative education, known for nurturing graduates who drive significant change in various domains, notably healthcare. With a diverse student body representing over 100 nations and comprising approximately 29,000 individuals, BCU is a hub of inclusivity, fostering transformative educational journeys.

Numerous alumni from BCU go on to become prominent figures in public service, particularly in roles such as nurses, midwives, educators, and social workers. They commit their endeavours to community well-being and improving the overall quality of life.


Flexible Philosophy: Learning that Adapts


Central to the BSc. (Hons) Professional Practice (Nursing) program is a flexible and practice-driven philosophy. The program’s structure seamlessly integrates traditional classroom instruction with modern online engagement through the Moodle platform, creating a comprehensive e-learning environment. This approach aligns perfectly with BCU’s strategic teaching and learning framework, ensuring that students experience a well-rounded and enriching academic journey.

The program emphasises critical thinking, encouraging students to engage in profound reflection and knowledge exchange with their peers. It fosters a collaborative learning environment, where students actively participate in both directed and self-directed learning, embarking on a continuous journey of academic growth. Proactive student engagement is met with constructive feedback, a crucial aspect in enhancing their academic progression.


Modules: Sculpting Competence


The BSc. (Hons.) Professional Practice (Nursing) program offers carefully designed modules, preparing students for the real-world challenges they’ll face in healthcare. Let’s delve into some of these vital modules:

Wound Care Theory and Practice

In the complex realm of healthcare, wound care holds immense importance. This module equips students to become experts in treating wounds based on evidence, using teamwork, and cultivating skills that will aid their continuous learning. Proficiency in wound care is essential for healthcare practitioners to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Using Research Evidence in Practice

As healthcare practices continually evolve, this module serves as a guiding compass, leading students through the realm of evidence-based practice. It empowers them to sift through research evidence, evaluate its applicability, and judiciously apply it in clinical decision-making—an essential attribute for modern healthcare practitioners.

Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Excellence in healthcare hinges on a commitment to continuous improvement. This module imparts the skills necessary for identifying systemic issues, devising robust improvement strategies, and executing transformative changes that elevate patient care to unprecedented heights. Quality improvement is at the heart of delivering superior healthcare services.

Principles of Infection Prevention & Control

Infection control assumes paramount importance in healthcare settings. With a focus on legislative frameworks, evidence-based literature, and interdisciplinary collaboration, this module equips students with the tools to mitigate healthcare-associated infections, safeguarding patient well-being. Infection prevention is fundamental to maintaining a safe and hygienic healthcare environment.

Integration of Theory and Practice: The Catalyst for Excellence

A distinctive aspect of the program lies in the seamless integration of theoretical knowledge with real-world clinical exposure. This integration is facilitated through an affiliation with Durdans Hospital, a distinguished private hospital in Sri Lanka. This partnership provides students with invaluable real-life practice in a clinical setting, allowing them to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world skills. The guidance imparted by seasoned healthcare professionals further enriches students’ learning journey, preparing them for a dynamic nursing career on a global scale.

Crafting Tomorrow’s Healthcare Leaders

The BSc. (Hons) Professional Practice (Nursing) program is a collaborative initiative between Birmingham City University and Amrak Institute. It serves as a transformative platform, combining theory and practice to mould future nursing leaders. The program emphasises critical thinking and provides students with hands-on experience in real-life healthcare scenarios. Graduates emerge as competent and confident healthcare professionals, equipped to navigate the complexities and fulfillments of the healthcare sector.

As aspiring nursing professionals, the program’s adaptability, practicality, and commitment to excellence empower students to stride with confidence, empathy, and prowess in the evolving healthcare panorama. The journey to becoming a respected healthcare professional commences with the BSc. (Hons) Professional Practice (Nursing) program. Here is where you initiate the journey of making a significant difference in people’s lives and shaping the future of healthcare.




In the healthcare realm, the BSc. (Hons) Professional Practice (Nursing) program, offered by Amrak Institute in collaboration with Birmingham City University, stands as a transformative bridge between theory and practice. This comprehensive program equips aspiring healthcare professionals with the critical knowledge and practical skills required to excel in the dynamic field of nursing. By seamlessly blending classroom education with online engagement and real-world clinical exposure, students are encouraged to think critically, collaborate with peers, and engage in continuous learning. The program, in partnership with Durdans Hospital, ensures that graduates emerge as confident, empathetic, and skilled healthcare leaders, ready to make a meaningful impact in patient care. Embark on your journey to shape the future of healthcare by exploring this exceptional opportunity with Amrak Institute.


Ready to Elevate Your Nursing Career?


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