Top 5 English Courses for Healthcare Professionals in Sri Lanka


In today’s globalised world, proficiency in English is essential for healthcare professionals to effectively communicate with patients, colleagues, and stakeholders worldwide. For healthcare professionals who are looking to migrate or simply looking to improve their communication skills in their ever-evolving field, proficiency in English has become crucial. At Amrak Institute of Medical Science, we understand the critical role of English language plays in the healthcare industry, especially in Sri Lanka. That’s why we offer a range of specialised courses under our School of English, tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare professionals at various skill levels.


Overview of Courses Offered:

Our School of English provides a comprehensive suite of courses designed to empower healthcare professionals in Sri Lanka with the language skills they need to excel in their careers and international endeavours. These include:


Diploma in English for Healthcare Professionals (Intermediate and Beginner Levels):

These courses are crafted to equip participants with the language proficiency necessary for effective communication in medical settings. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to enhance your existing skills, our tailored curriculum will help you navigate medical terminology, patient interactions, and documentation with confidence.


English for Academic Purposes (Diploma and Certificate Levels): 

Designed for healthcare professionals aspiring to pursue academic endeavours, these courses focus on academic writing, research paper development, presentation skills, and active participation in academic discussions. Our goal is to prepare you to thrive in academic environments and contribute meaningfully to scholarly discourse.


Preparation for International Tests:

Occupational English Test (OET):

The OET is recognized worldwide as proof of English proficiency for healthcare professionals. Our OET preparation course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this exam, covering all aspects of the test, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS):

Whether you’re aiming to migrate, work, or study abroad, our IELTS preparation course prepares you for success in this globally recognized English proficiency test. We provide comprehensive training to help you achieve your desired scores and pursue your international aspirations with confidence.


Tailored Curriculum:

At Amrak Institute of Medical Science, we understand that healthcare professionals have unique language needs. That’s why our courses are meticulously crafted to address these specific requirements. Our experienced instructors employ interactive teaching methods, practical exercises, and provide access to relevant resources to ensure a dynamic and engaging learning experience.


Benefits of Each Course:

Our courses offer a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced communication skills in medical settings
  • Proficiency in academic writing and presentation
  • Preparation for international tests essential for career advancement or academic pursuits
  • Personalised attention and guidance from experienced instructors
  • Access to comprehensive study materials and resources
  • Networking opportunities with fellow healthcare professionals


Teaching Methodology and Resources:

Our courses are delivered through a combination of lectures, discussions, role-plays, case studies, and interactive exercises. We leverage a variety of resources, including textbooks, online platforms, medical literature, and practice tests, to ensure a holistic learning experience. Our dedicated instructors provide individualised feedback and support to facilitate your learning journey.


How to Enroll in Courses at Amrak English School:

Enrolling in our School of English courses is a seamless process designed to cater to your individual learning needs. To begin your journey towards mastering medical English, simply visit our website or reach out to our admissions office. Here, you can explore our comprehensive course offerings, review schedules, and acquaint yourself with our registration procedures.

As part of our commitment to providing personalized education, we conduct a placement test for English Courses. This assessment evaluates your current proficiency level in English. Based on your performance in this test, our experienced educators will recommend whether you should enroll in the certificate level or the diploma level. This tailored approach ensures that you receive instruction aligned with your skill level, setting you on the path to success in mastering medical English.

Our dedicated staff are here to assist you at every step of the enrollment process, ensuring a smooth transition into our programs. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns – we’re here to support you in achieving your language learning goals.



In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, proficiency in English is a valuable asset that can open doors to numerous opportunities. At Amrak Institute of Medical Science, we are committed to empowering healthcare professionals with the language skills they need to succeed. Whether you’re looking to enhance your communication skills, pursue academic endeavours, or prepare for international tests, our School of English has a course tailored to your needs. Join us today and take the first step towards mastering medical English!