Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Study a Nursing Degree in 2024

Nursing is undeniably among the most sought-after professions, and the reasons behind its popularity are abundantly clear. Amidst the substantial responsibilities inherent in nursing, there lies an abundance of rewards and personal fulfilment for those in the profession.

Now, if you’re thinking about diving into a Nursing degree, you might be wondering: What are the compelling reasons to venture down this path? Is choosing a career in Nursing still worth it in 2024? Well, buckle up, because we’ve got all the reasons right here for why it’s totally worth it!


1) Nursing is one of the Most Prestigious and Fulfilling Professions

A nursing career proves fulfilling and rewarding, and it is globally recognized for the trust and esteem placed in these professionals. Nurses play a pivotal role in healthcare, administering drugs, providing treatments, and offering support to patients in physical and emotional distress. They bring comfort to families and build strong connections through impactful interactions. Nurses witness and address individuals’ tears and fears, offering solace and encouragement. Their compassionate approach clarifies medical procedures, explains medications, and eases concerns for both children and adults. Recognizing vulnerability in everyone, nurses provide essential support, making their role not only enriching but also crucial in fostering well-being.


2) High Job Security in Nursing with a Constant Demand for Jobs

The nursing profession is marked by a strong demand for professionals, with numerous vacancies remaining unfilled in various countries. Despite the challenges associated with the job, such as stress, night shifts, and overwork, nurses can find reassurance in the fact that their positions offer job security, stability, and a dependable income. Even during economic downturns, nurses can take comfort in the knowledge that their employment remains secure.


3) Freedom to Work in Other Countries

The versatility of the medical knowledge and skills gained through a Nursing degree allows professionals to work in different countries, provided they are proficient in the local language. Although various states may have distinct levels of development and diverse medical tools and systems, the fundamental role of nurses remains consistent. However, recognition of your Nursing degree and experience is necessary to practise abroad, often requiring additional examinations in some countries.


4) Every Day is a New Day for a Nurse

If tackling new challenges and dynamicity at the workplace excites you, then you have a strong reason to go into nursing. They say no two days are ever the same for a nurse, and this can be justified by the fact that nurses deal with several patients with different illnesses and support needs. So, there is no one solution that fits all of them. They are expected to be proactive with an excellent presence of mind and, of course, a good hold on their technical knowledge and skills to be their best at their profession.


5) Various Nursing Specializations to Choose From

Finally, Nursing is a diverse field with plenty of options to choose from. Upon finishing a nursing degree, a multitude of career opportunities become available. Whether you aspire to work as a rehabilitation nurse or prefer handling emergencies as an acute nurse, the extensive range of options within the nursing profession is a compelling reason to pursue a nursing education.

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the demand for skilled and adaptable nursing professionals has never been higher. To meet this need, we are pleased to offer the BSc. (Hons) Professional Practice (Nursing) course, offered in collaboration with Birmingham City University (BCU). This transformative educational pathway is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills essential for success in the contemporary healthcare landscape.


Why Choose BSc. (Hons) Professional Practice (Nursing) at Amrak?


Degree Offered in Collaboration with Birmingham City University

Amrak’s Professional Practice Course, in collaboration with Birmingham City University (BCU), stands out for its transformative education. BCU, renowned for fostering graduates who drive change in the healthcare sector, hosts a diverse student body from over 100 nations, creating an inclusive environment for educational excellence.


Influential Graduates in Healthcare

Graduates from BCU, including those from Amrak’s program, have excelled in various roles such as nurses, midwives, educators, and social workers, showcasing a commitment to community well-being. This real-world impact reflects the quality of education provided by BCU.


Flexible Part-time Program with E-Learning Environment

Amrak’s BSc. (Hons.) Professional Practice (Nursing) is a 12-month part-time program designed to cater to busy professionals, offering a unique and flexible approach to healthcare education. The program seamlessly integrates traditional and online learning, providing a comprehensive academic experience that balances education with professional commitments. Utilising the Moodle platform, the program creates a comprehensive e-learning environment aligning perfectly with BCU’s teaching and learning framework.


Practical Healthcare Education Fostering Critical Thinking and Collaboration

Amrak’s program goes beyond theoretical learning, offering carefully designed modules that prepare students for real-world challenges in healthcare. The emphasis on critical thinking encourages profound reflection and knowledge exchange among students, fostering a collaborative learning environment that promotes continuous academic growth. Constructive feedback is an integral part of this engagement, enhancing students’ academic progression. Each module is meticulously crafted to provide a holistic educational experience, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for their roles in the field.


Key Modules:


Wound Care Theory and Practice:

This module focuses on providing students with the necessary expertise for effectively managing wounds in healthcare settings. Emphasising evidence-based approaches, teamwork, and ongoing skill development, the goal is to equip healthcare professionals with the proficiency needed to ensure optimal outcomes for patients.


Utilising Research Evidence in Practice:

This module guides students through the practical application of evidence-based practices in healthcare. It helps them to navigate research evidence, evaluate its relevance, and integrate it into clinical decision-making—an essential skill for contemporary healthcare practitioners.


Quality Improvement in Healthcare:

Excellence in healthcare requires a commitment to continuous improvement. This module imparts the skills to identify systemic issues, develop robust improvement strategies, and implement transformative changes, ultimately enhancing patient care. Quality improvement is fundamental to delivering high-quality healthcare services.


Principles of Infection Prevention & Control:

In healthcare settings, infection control is of utmost importance. This module focuses on legislative frameworks, evidence-based literature, and interdisciplinary collaboration to equip students with the tools needed to mitigate healthcare-associated infections and ensure the well-being of patients. Infection prevention is essential for maintaining a safe and hygienic healthcare environment.

In addition to the aforementioned modules, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive Diploma in English for Nurses course. This program is designed to enhance your communication skills, enabling you to interact effectively with patients, colleagues, and healthcare professionals. The course is tailored to help you master medical terminology, allowing seamless communication within the healthcare environment. Moreover, it aims to polish your language skills to meet the professional standards of global healthcare. The focus areas include:

English & General Communication Skills
Medical Terminology
Professional English



Upon completion of the 12-month program, graduates will be awarded a BSc. (Hons) Professional Practice (Nursing) degree by Birmingham City University, UK, providing a globally recognized qualification.


Invest in Your Future:

The fee for this comprehensive program is LKR 795,000/-. A small investment in your education can lead to a significant return as you embark on a fulfilling career in nursing.

Are you ready to take your nursing career to the next level? The BSc. (Hons) Professional Practice (Nursing) course is your gateway to excellence in healthcare. Embrace the opportunity to evolve as a nursing professional, meeting the dynamic demands of the global healthcare landscape.

Apply today and unlock your potential!

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