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Unlock Your Potential In Healthcare: Certificate Course In Nursing NVQ 4

If you are a student right after your O/L and are interested in the nursing field, this blog is for you. This blog guides you to the best way in laying your career path in the nursing sector. You might have been inspired to become a nurse after you have witnessed the self-satisfactory  service of a nurse, or maybe becoming a nurse is your childhood dream. Either way, this profession that you desire to pursue is a rewarding career, which is the first thing this blog aims to acknowledge.

Let’s look at how nursing students are moulded into strong professional nurses and how you can lay the foundation for your nursing career path.

A closer look at the nursing career

Some occupations are pursued merely for monetary benefits alone; these professionals only care about earning as much money as they can, regardless of the profession. Others would rather have a career that is rewarding in other ways, that is they would respect their job in all aspects and not consider money as the first priority. One of these satisfying and rewarding jobs is nursing.

On the other hand, you are achieving not only professional fulfilment but also personal fulfilment. That is, you are broadening your knowledge through clinical and real-life experiences and also you have the satisfaction that you are helping others live a healthy life. 

In times of basic human needs, when compassion and care are what matter the most, nurses are life savers whose work creates a greater impact in our lives. Having many challenges in their personal lives, the desire to make up their mind and go to workplaces every day needs a lot of courage. This doesn’t come in a day or two. As we know, nurses have witnessed the worst tragedies of people dying helplessly in the last few years than anybody else. The role of a nurse is vital in all aspects of any situation worldwide and that’s why they are known as real-life heroes.

Here’s how Amrak stands out from other institutes

At Amrak, we introduce the Clinical Fellowship Programme (CFP) through which registered nurses with one year of clinical experience can go to the UK to pursue their higher studies. This is an important training program that gives nursing personnel the chance to engage with renowned Trusts, such as the NHS Partner Organizations, to obtain expertise in a variety of clinical specialities. 

 Another prominent aspect of this program is that nurses can study and also work at the same time without any barriers.

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Why should you choose Amrak for your foundation in higher education in Nursing?

  • Amrak Institute hascutting-edge facilities and resources such as modern classrooms, laboratories, and clinical training facilities.
  • We understand that practical experience is essential to developing the skills and knowledge required for a successful nursing career. Therefore our students will receiveunparalleled practical experience at one of Sri Lanka’s private hospitals, Durdans.
  • Considering the convenience of our students, we providefull-time and part-time classes
  • To help our students advance their English knowledge as it might help them in their future endeavours of going abroad, we provide them with a free bonus Certificate in English

What are the modules covered in the Certificate of Nursing (NVQ 4)?

  • Communication Skills for Workplace
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Nurse Assistant
  • Occupational Safety & Health
  • Teamwork
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Unit Preparation
  • Cliental Hygiene and Grooming
  • Nutritional Needs and Techniques
  • Eliminatory Needs
  • Vital Signs
  • Medication
  • Care of Elderly Clients
  • End of Life Care
  • Care of Special Needs
  • Care of Wounds
  • Assisting Advanced Nursing Procedure
  • Care of Postnatal Mother & Newborn Baby
  • Basics in First Aid

What are the entry criteria to get enrolled for the Certificate Course in Nursing (NVQ 4)?

Successful completion of the GCE Ordinary Level  Examinations including Sinhala or Tamil,  Science,  Mathematics, and English  Language.

What are the certifications you are entitled to by the completion of the Certificate Course in Nursing (NVQ 4)?

  • Students will be awarded certification from Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences.
  • Students will also receive the TVEC certificate directly, upon completion of the NVQ Level 4 examination.


Amrak Institute, Sri Lanka’s Premier School Of Health Sciences, is committed to educating students in the healthcare industry and is affiliated with We are committed to empowering nursing students. We try to be creative and find solutions to the problems that healthcare professionals face by combining education and real-world experience. Amrak aims to improve healthcare education in Sri Lanka by collaborating with various educational advisors, consultants, and dedicated teachers.


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