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What are the best courses to do after A/L’s for a Science Student?

Are you a science student right after your A/L’s? Or are you a parent who is searching for the best higher studies programme for your child who has just finished his or her A/L’s in the science stream? If so, you have come to the right place.

There are many factors to be considered when choosing the right course at the right institute. Matters like the recognition of the certification, the lecture panel of the institute, and the awarding bodies of the campus have to be well considered before getting enrolled in any higher studies programme.

‘A Science student will end up being a doctor’ is one of the most accepted ideas by many people. But the truth is, there is a sea full of careers for a student who has pursued his or her A/L’s in the science stream.

Science is much more than memorisation of facts, theory, and formulas. Diagnostic procedures and other associated tasks carried out in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech sectors all fall under the umbrella of the medical area. As a Science student, you are free to choose your higher education in various sections from the following :

– Nursing Education
– Dental Education
– Biomedical Science
– Pharmacy Education
– Medical lab technology
– Veterinary Science
– Animal husbandry
– Physiotherapy Education
– Occupational therapy
– Biotechnology Education
– Environment science
– Forensic science
– Home Science
– Neuroscience

What can Amrak provide for students of the science stream right after your A/L’s?

Now that we have seen the various sections you can choose your higher education in the field of Science, let us see how Amrak can help you as a well-reputed institute that’s affiliated with Durdans Hospital.



The Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences’ Biomedical Science Diploma provides a strong scientific foundation that enables students to build their competencies and skills to provide standard services as necessary. You will be able to obtain the best learning possibilities if all practical aspects and first-hand clinical experience across all modules were combined with enough opportunities at the hospital facilities.

Throughout the Biomedical Science programme at Amrak Institute, you will learn biomedical processes which include the functions of the human body to gain an understanding of health and the methods for diagnosing, analysing, and treating diseases. This leads the pathway to obtain your BSc in Biomedical Science in the future.

In order to pursue your Higher Diploma in Biomedical Science, you need to be qualified in your A/L’s (Biology Stream) or you have to be qualified in your O/L’s and completed the foundation course in General Science. Admissions for this course will be open in the months of January and September every year. The duration of this Higher Diploma is 24 months.

The modules that will be covered under this programme are as follows:

– Fundamentals of Cytology and Genetics
– Microbiology
– Anatomy and Physiology
– Bioorganic Chemistry
– Medical Microbiology
– Pharmacology
– Clinical Biochemistry
– Nutrition
– Pathology
– Molecular Biology
– Statistical Analysis Techniques
– Haematology and Transfusion Science
– Clinical Immunology
– Biomedical Techniques and Applications
– Research Project

Career opportunities available for Biomedical Science students are as follows:

– Biomedical scientist
– Biotechnologist
– Clinical research associate
– Clinical scientist, biochemistry
– Clinical scientist, haematology
– Clinical scientist, immunology
– Forensic scientist
– Microbiologist
– Physician associate
– Research scientist (life sciences)
– Research scientist (medical)
– Scientific laboratory technician
– Toxicologist

On successful completion of the higher diploma, the accreditation will be awarded by Amrak Institute and Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) or the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). This qualification gives students the chance to migrate overseas, continue their degree and also enter the profession successfully. Click Higher Diploma in Biomedical science to get more details.



The Higher National Diploma (HND) in Nursing is a detailed programme that prepares you for a globally recognised profession. You can get first-hand experience in Durdans Hospital, one of the leading private hospitals in Sri Lanka while pursuing your HND in Nursing. Along with improving your fundamental nursing abilities, you’ll develop your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, giving you the assurance you need to perform in a demanding real-world phenomenon.

As Amrak Institute is registered under the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC), you are eligible to obtain the NVQ Level 06 certification at the end of the course. This programme is specially designed for those who wish to pursue a career in Nursing, locally and internationally. Those who enjoy working with people and care about promoting good health may be interested in pursuing a rewarding career. At Amrak, the students will be trained by an experienced panel of lecturers who are academically qualified and have nursing experience.

A minimum of 3 passes in your A/L’s is the entry criteria to get enrolled in this HND in Nursing Programme. Admission for enrollment will be open in the months of January and September every year. The duration of this course is 3 years.

The modules that will be covered under this programme will be as follows:

– Fundamental of Nursing
– Ward Management
– Information Technology
– First Aids
– Paediatrics
– Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing
– Medical & Surgical Nursing
– Geriatric Care
– Pharmacology II
– Research in Nursing
– Microbiology
– Community Health
– Psychology
– Nutrition
– Pathology
– Psychiatric Nursing
– Anatomy & Physiology
– Professional Adjustment
– General Science
– Pharmacology Part I
– Advancing Career Skills
– History & Trends in Nursing
– Palliative Care

Career opportunities available for Nursing students are as follows:

– Adult nurse
– Children’s nurse
– Health play specialist
– Health visitor
– High-intensity therapist
– Learning disability nurse
– Mental health nurse
– Midwife
– Paramedic
– Physician associate

The HND in Nursing by Amrak Institute also provides bonus courses for nursing students. The courses that come under this are :
1. Diploma in Multidisciplinary Nursing
2. Diploma in English for Nurses (Includes IELTS preparation)

On successful completion of the Higher National Diploma, the accreditation will be awarded by Amrak Institute along with the NVQ level 06 Certification. Click Higher National Diploma to get more details.

Not only that, nursing students who have a Diploma and wish to pursue their higher studies or start their nursing career in the UK can obtain the Clinical Fellowship Programme that’s highly beneficial.

Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences is an educational institute affiliated with Durdans Hospital , which is committed to educating students in the healthcare industry. If you are a student who has the above-mentioned eligibility and is looking for the best courses after your A/L’s, visit our website at or contact us on 0777 974 479 to connect with us today!