What are the popular foundation courses chosen by Science Students after their O/L’s?

Right after our O/L’s, you got plenty of courses to choose from. But the key to finding the perfect course that will lay a career path to your future is identifying your field of interest. You can’t pursue a particular goal unless you have a keen interest in reaching that goal. Similarly, you can’t force yourself to study a field you are not interested in.

If you are a student who is planning to continue your studies in the Science field, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss the three most popular foundation courses available in Sri Lanka to choose from if you have dreams of pursuing your higher education in the science field.

1. Certificate Course in Nursing Assistant (NVQ Level 04)

If you are interested in pursuing a career in nursing, you are someone who values good health and enjoys working with others. A nurse can be involved in a variety of tasks, including bringing awareness about good health, promoting well-being, curing diseases, and caring for the sick. So, in addition to having medical knowledge, expertise, and competence, nursing also calls for compassion, patience, and understanding.

The ‘Certificate course in Nursing Assistant (NVQ Level 04)’ is designed in a way where you’ll gain advanced knowledge and specialised skills in the nursing speciality of your choice. Your ideal nursing career begins here, and you’ll be able to be successful in your field of expertise, gain greater professional recognition, and expand your capacity to grab new opportunities.

Course Information

This certificate will provide a foundation for students seeking progression in the nursing field to a Higher Diploma and beyond. The students will also have the opportunity to sit for the Government NVQ Level 04 Exam as an option. You will receive unparalleled, first-hand experience via the practicals at Durdans Hospital, a leading private tertiary care hospital in Sri Lanka.
Also, another benefit of doing this course is, you are entitled to a free bonus course in English which will help you advance your language and communication.

Entry Requirement

A pass in the GCE Ordinary Level Examinations including Sinhala/ Tamil, Science, Mathematics, and English Language.

Modules covered in the course

• Communication Skills for Workplace
• Roles and Responsibilities of a Nurse Assistant
• Occupational Safety & Health
• Teamwork
• Basic Anatomy and Physiology
• Unit Preparation
• Cliental Hygiene and Grooming
• Nutritional Needs and Techniques
• Eliminatory Needs
• Vital Signs
• Medication
• Care of Elderly Clients
• End of Life Care
• Care of Special Needs
• Care of Wounds
• Assisting Advanced Nursing Procedures
• Care of Postnatal Mother & Newborn Baby
• Basics in First Aid

Free Bonus Certificate in English for Nurses

English & General Communication Skills


On completion, students will be awarded certification from Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences. Upon completion of the NVQ Level 4 examination, the TVEC certificate can be obtained directly.

2. Foundation in General Sciences

If you are a student who loves all three divisions of science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) and is willing to pursue your higher studies in the field of Science, then this is the perfect course for you to begin with. The Foundation Certificate in General Sciences is facilitated with the resources available at Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences along with Durdans Hospital. By doing this course you can directly start your HND in the Science or Mathematics stream without having the need to study A/L’s.

Entry Requirement

O/L Qualification (Applicant should have a minimum of A-C grades for Maths, Science, and English or equivalent and be able to demonstrate an interest in, and aptitude for, science)

• Modules covered in the course
• Fundamentals of Biology
• Fundamentals of Chemistry
• Fundamentals of Mathematics and Statistics
• General English
• Study Skills and fundamental ICT for Undergraduates
• Advanced Biology
• Advanced Chemistry
• Advanced Mathematics and Statistics
• Academic English
• Academic writing and use of web resources

Accreditation may be subjected to relevant criteria introduced by the following awarding bodies:

– Amrak Institue of Medical Sciences
– Durdans Hospital
– Sheffield Hallam University

Upon successful completion of this course along with your O/L qualifications, you will get the entry eligibility to be enrolled for our Higher Diploma in Biomedical Science Programme.

3. NCUK International Foundation Year (IFY) Science

The NCUK International Foundation Year (IFY) in Science is a nine-month certification programme created to get international students ready for their first-year entry into undergraduate degree programmes at prominent English-speaking universities worldwide. Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics for Science, and English for Academic Purposes make up the course’s main topics.
In order to pursue a degree in science, NCUK is a foundation programme that gives students guaranteed admission to the best universities in the world, including those in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. For students to acquire an education that includes a challenging academic curriculum, this advanced programme was developed in partnership with NCUK university partners.

The NCUK International Foundation Year in Science will consist of 70% examination-based assessments and 30% assignment-based coursework. If your dream career is within the below-mentioned fields, the NCUK International Foundation Year in Science is ideal for you.

• Archaeology
• Biochemistry
• Biological Sciences
• Biology
• Biomedical Science(s)
• Chemical Engineering
• Chemistry
• Computer Science
• Software Engineering
• Psychology
• Zoology
• Environmental Science
• Genetics
• Geography
• Human Biology
• Mathematics
• Medical Biochemistry
• Medicinal Chemistry
• Pharmacology
• Pharmacy
• Physiotherapy

Entry Requirements

Successful completion of 5 subjects at the GCE O/Levels with grades of C or above (including Math and English)
Successful completion of 5 modules at the GCSE O/Levels with grades of 4 or above (including Math and English)
Students who have not studied in the English medium will be required to demonstrate an English language competence level to follow the programme.

Modules covered in the programme

– Biology
Cell and molecular biology, genetics, physiology, histology, anatomy, and immunology are the subjects covered under the title of BIOLOGY.
This credit prepares students for medical, pharmaceutical, and other science majors.

– Chemistry
General chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and biochemistry are taught under the title of chemistry. This credit prepares students for medical and science-oriented majors at any UK or other European university.

– Mathematics for Science
All aspects of mathematics including algebra, statistics, and geometry are taught in this credit.

– English for Academic Purpose
English is the language of instruction and science. All our students are expected to have achieved a good level of general English before they join IFY. During the course of IFY, students will be trained in academic English which will be later used at the university.
*One of the only institutes in Sri Lanka to offer NCUK International Foundation Year (IFY) in Science.

Upon successful completion of the NCUK qualification, students who submit university applications through NCUK will be guaranteed* entry to an NCUK University Partner.

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