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What is the Best Nursing Degree in Sri Lanka? – Amrak’s BSc (Hons) in Professional Practice (Nursing)

Are you a student looking for a BSc programme after earning your Higher National Diploma in Nursing (NVQ 06)? Or do you presently hold a nursing position in the public or private sector? Well, this blog is going to answer all the questions that are frequently asked about the best nursing degree in Sri Lanka.

1. What is nursing?

Nurses are the heroes of healthcare, ensuring patients receive holistic care and treatment. 

Nursing is a field that focuses on treating patients who are unwell or injured as well as offering preventative healthcare measures. They go above and beyond to discover and meet each patient’s requirements wherever there is a need for care. 

You may be wondering what are the fundamental roles of a nurse. The answer is; many roles. They cater to patients and family members’ needs, support doctors, get patients ready for treatments, and generally keep healthcare facilities functioning efficiently. And throughout the range of nursing jobs, tasks like doing patient evaluations, teaching patients, and giving medications and treatments are also considered as main responsibilities of nurses.


 2. Why is a nursing career considered one of the best jobs in the world?

People choose to pursue nursing for a variety of reasons, and they frequently have diverse professional objectives in mind. One of the main benefits for nursing students would be the abundance of career options and the high level of respect and self-satisfaction that comes with the profession. With a higher need for caregivers and qualified nurses to care for our ageing seniors and patients battling medical conditions, nursing is one of the professions with the fastest-growing employment rate. And also, the overall career field of nursing provides economic stability and job security, highly attractive to nursing graduates. 

A rewarding career as a nurse requires guts, perseverance, and hard work. The effort expended is rewarded equally. Learned abilities can be applied to both personal and professional circumstances. Even during the global pandemic, medical workers worked day and night to take care of people. At the same time, while there were many professionals losing their jobs, nurses still had their job secured. Over the course of their career, a nurse not only earns a respectable livelihood but also enjoys the gratifying aspect of their job.


3. What is the best nursing degree in Sri Lanka to do if you are pursuing your education in the field of nursing?

The best nursing degree in Sri Lanka is offered by Amrak Institute Of Medical Sciences. This BSc (Hons) in Professional Practice (Nursing) seeks to promote excellence while being adaptable, practice-led, and responsive. The course will produce informed, proactive, and critical-thinking professionals who are prepared to address the shifting needs of modern healthcare delivery across the world. 

The good news is that students who sign up for this programme will be able to complete their practicals at Durdans, one of Sri Lanka’s top private hospitals. They also have the ability to learn from more experienced nurses, which will help them in their future nursing careers. And the most liked feature of this course is that future nurses can complete our BSc (Hons) Professional Practice Nursing Program in just one year. Another benefit of doing this course is the students can complete the degree without having to leave Sri Lanka.


4. What are the other benefits of choosing Amrak’s BSc (Hons) in Professional Practice ( Nursing)?

The BSc (Hons) Professional Practice (Nursing) by Amrak Institute also provides a bonus course – A diploma in English for Nurses. At Amrak, we don’t only teach the modules of the Programme in English, we also make sure all the students will have solid knowledge when the lecture is delivered. Therefore we have taken the initiative to provide the Diploma in English as an inclusive course for our nursing students. This is to help nurses undergraduate with their language proficiency.

The course covers the following content : 

  • English & General Communication Skills
  • Medical Terminology
  • Professional English


5. What are the different careers that you can do when you complete BSC in Professional nursing?

  • Adult nurse
  • Children’s nurse
  • Health play specialist
  • Health visitor
  • High-intensity therapist
  • Learning disability nurse
  • Mental health nurse
  • Midwife
  • Paramedic
  • Physician associate


6. Do you have a dream of working in a foreign country: NHS UK?

Potential nursing students can use this top-up degree offered by Amrak Institute as a foundation for a globally recognised nursing career through collaboration with BCU while they are studying in Sri Lanka. Upon satisfactory completion of the BSc in Professional Practice (Nursing), Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom will grant the accreditation. Additionally, nurses who choose to immigrate to the UK will have the opportunity to work for the NHS in the UK. You can simply click on  BSc in Professional Practice (Nursing) to get more details.